Wiener Park Club

Dear Members,

From May 1st it is allowed to use tennis facilities for single games. Below you will find the general conditions under which playing tennis in the Vienna Park Club is allowed or possible from May 1st to 15th.
From Wednesday April 29, court reservations can be made via the Vienna Park Club's electronic booking system.


1. Obligatory mask up to the tennis court and when you leave it.

2. The clubhouse must not be entered unless:
     a) You have to go to the locker room to get your tennis gear once. !! showering prohibited !!
     We kindly ask you to enter the club with tennis robe to avoid changing clothes!
     b) to visit the toilet facility in the entrance hall.

3. Not allowed in the first 14 days:
     • Use of the locker rooms (showers and toilet facilities)
     • Stay in the club and on the club premises when you are not playing
     • Play double
     • Restaurant  
     • Indoor courts
     • Swimming pool
     • Fitness
     • Sauna

4. Keep two meters away!

5. No shake hands

6. Find and use marked areas with the disinfectant provided before and after playing.

7. Deduction of the courts after the hour played is mandatory.


For the board

Lukas Langer
Club secretary